Sun, Sea and an LBD

I’d like to begin this post by quoting the oh so wise words of Karl Lagerfeld: ‘one is never over-dressed or under-dressed in a Little Black Dress’. When it comes to staple items, you can’t really get more traditional than an LBD, which is why I felt like a fashion fraud when I realised that I didn’t actually own one myself. As the paintbrush is to the artist, the LBD is to the fashionista, so I knew that I simply needed one in my closet.

When you think of holiday shopping, you don’t usually think of a black dress, but as we know from my previous ootd post, I’ve been breaking the summer rules somewhat when it comes to colour. Colour comes and goes but black is forever, and everybody needs those ‘forever items’ in their wardrobe…


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I came across this dress when I was shopping in Outfit before going on holiday. I usually only go into Outfit for the Topshop section, but this time I found myself straying into the Miss Selfridge department, somewhere that I haven’t really shopped at since I was back at school. I must admit that usually when I think of Miss Selfridge, I think of in-your-face florals, aztec leggings and an offensive amount of frill (perhaps I’m scarred from the way I dressed as a young teenager) but I was actually pleasantly surprised with what I saw during my little browse this time around!

I had been looking for a dress that I could wear in the daytime or the night and so I was very pleased when I stumbled across this one on my way to the changing rooms. This was definitely one of those not-so-good-on-the-hanger situations but I had a feeling it would look much better on, and lo and behold, I was right!


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The material is thin meaning the piece is ideal for wearing in the hot weather, and although it’s tight fitting, it doesn’t feel oppressive at all because it’s so light. The main features that drew me to the dress were the neckline, the sleeves and the frill hem at the bottom. I absolutely adore the style of the neckline because I think it’s so delicate and flattering on the chest, and I love how it’s neatly pulled together with the bow in the middle. Even though I love them, sometimes I don’t think that puff sleeves really suit me, so I think the little ones on this dress were a really good balance because they show off the style, but in a more understated way. Lastly, I think the frilled hem just adds a little something extra to the dress and makes it more interesting overall. It contributes to the delicate style that I love, and makes it feel all the more feminine and chic for me!


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One of the best things about this dress is that it is versatile for day-to-night wear. Whilst on holiday I wore it with flip flops or sandals during the day to walk around the towns, but I also wore it with heels to a rooftop bar in the evening. I think you can make this dress as casual or fancy as you like depending on how you accessorise, so it’s a great piece to have in your wardrobe!


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In terms of fit and style, I would honestly give this dress a 10/10. I feel so comfortable and ultimately confident when I’m wearing it that I never want to take it off! Black may not be a ‘summer colour’ but I feel like this is still a great summer piece and one that will endure in spring and even autumn (until it gets too cold to wear fewer than five layers).

So with my first Miss Selfridge purchase in years, maybe it’s time to finally rekindle my romance with the store and add it to my list of high-street favourites once again after all?


What’s the staple item in your closet? I’d love to know in the comments!