A Monochromatic Summer

Who says you need to wear colour on holiday anyway?

As you will know from my Back to Basics post, in my everlasting endeavour to create a capsule wardrobe, I have started paying attention to some of the simpler items on the shelf when putting my outfits together. Undoubtedly, this is a slow process for my pattern-loving self, but I’d like to think I’m making some sort of contribution to my basics collection, and my most recent additions came with my holiday shop.

Usually when you think of a holiday shop, you think of colour, and I still think this is such a big part of summer fashion. However, at the moment, I am also loving the stripped back style for those summer nights. I take a lot of inspiration from minimalist instagrammers and often envy how gorgeous they can make simple pieces look, so I thought I would put together my own simple outfit, for an evening of cocktails in Greece.




When it comes to simplicity, what combination could be more effective than trusty black and white? The ultimate clothing partnership, this dynamic duo has been one of the most enduring fashion colour (or lack of) palettes ever. If in doubt, a bit of monochrome will always sort you out.

As we know, satin clothing is everywhere at the moment, mostly in the form of slip dresses, but the classic cami is not to be overlooked. I am a huge fan of the cowl neck design because I think it’s such a flattering fit, so when I found this top on Pretty Little Thing I put it straight in my basket! It has adjustable straps to suit the fit that you want, and the neckline hangs really nicely at the front, giving it a really nice feminine feel.


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On the bottom half, I chose these white tailored shorts that are also from Pretty Little Thing (both of these items were actually the only successful picks from my PLT order). It seems that I am officially off denim shorts at the moment. I usually find them so uncomfortable and restricting, the last two attributes you want in clothing during the hot weather, so I am welcoming any shorts that are looser and of a thinner material.

I had seen so many outfits featuring tailored shorts on Instagram that I loved so I really wanted to get my hands on a pair myself. These ones are great because not only do they look stylish and smart, but I can actually breathe in them, hallelujah! I don’t often go for a paperbag waist but I really liked the way this looked with the tie belt around it. I also felt that it made the shorts look much smarter, so they were perfect for a night out!

Inevitably, these shorts are a bit on the see-through side. This is one of the reasons I usually refrain from buying things like this online, because they usually end up being so transparent that you may as well be wrapped in cling film. On the scale of things though, these shorts aren’t too bad and its nothing that can’t be solved with some nude underwear.




The real stars of the show in this outfit for me, are these gorgeous little heeled sandals from Primark…yes you read it right. Primark. I was over the moon when I spotted these on the shelf and they practically jumped into my basket. At just £12, these are some of the best dupes I have ever seen in Primark, emulating the styles of designer brands and high street shops like Topshop and Zara, saving you at least £30 on your purchase (or hundreds if you were to buy designer).

These are a comfortable, small heel, with a square edge design which I really like. I love the way the straps are positioned on the feet and in general I don’t see any difference between buying these shoes and buying from the other high street retailers. I have actually always found the quality of Primark shoes to be good, so I’m hoping these beauties are no different! They finish off the look perfectly for me. Classy and simple, they top off the stripped back vibe of the outfit. Combined with a simple black clutch, black wicker earrings and my hair pulled back into a low bun…this is an Instagram minimalist’s dream look! Even if I do say so myself.


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So no colour to wear on holiday? No problem. Monochrome will always be having a moment, so it’s time to let it shine. I loved wearing this look on a summer evening, but I also think the components of the outfit are enduring, and can definitely be worn and re-worn over the coming months in different combinations. Well, that is precisely what having a capsule wardrobe is all about…maybe I’ve finally cracked it guys!?


What is your favourite item in your summer wardrobe? Are you a colour lover, or a black and white babe? Let me know in the comments below! 

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