My Greek Getaway: Syros

Hello and welcome to the first edition of ‘I miss my holiday and want to go back’. Now that I am officially home in the UK, I’m wondering if that would be a more apt name for this blog post. But for the sake of consistency, and my love for alliteration, I’ve decided to stick with My Greek Getaway, and this time it’s all about the beautiful island of Syros.

This part of our holiday was what we all referred to as ‘the lazy part’. After a very busy few days in the city of Athens, we were all very much looking forward to the typical lounging-by-the-pool vacation style, and that’s certainly what we got with this pretty little island. After a four-hour ferry trip, we arrived in the port of Syros…where we proceeded to wait for about 40 minutes because we made the mistake of not pre-booking a taxi. Eventually however, we made it to our gorgeous home for the week.

The Villa

As this was one of the smaller places on our trip that had the least to do, we decided to go for a more luxurious accommodation. We had never stayed in a villa together before so this was an exciting experience, and Villa Alba certainly didn’t disappoint…




Nestled high up on the hills overlooking the sea, this villa was in a quiet, tranquil area of the island. It had beautiful views over the coastline and lay just a five minute (albeit somewhat steep) walk from the beach!





The interior of the villa was absolutely stunning, with simple colours and a mezzanine that held another double bed with more lovely sea views. However, I must admit my favourite part was the outside. With a plunge pool / jacuzzi that lit up at night, soft sunbathing chairs and a dining table area, this was the perfect outside area for a relaxing holiday. I really was obsessed with this place!



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I spent most mornings eating breakfast outside in the robe I was given and most afternoons drinking wine by the pool. Because if you can’t be boujie in your normal life, you may as well milk it whilst you can…


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This place really was perfect for the type of holiday we wanted. Although a little bit out from the centre, Syros is a small island, so it didn’t take long to get there by bus or taxi. This place gave us stunning views, a tranquil space and a spacious home, what more could you ask for?


The Beach

So we spent a lot of this holiday going to the beach, since it was such a short walk away and, unlike the murky waters of the UK and parts of France, the tide was beautifully blue.




We spent our time sunbathing, playing bat and ball and jumping off the pier into the water to snorkel around the rocks. There were so many fish in the water, which something that I am not used to seeing at all, so it was a really cool experience!





I loved this beach because it was small, yet surprisingly not too busy. It was such a pretty little place and this was the first time I had really experienced such clear and blue waters. I also loved that we could come and go as we pleased because it was so close to our villa!


Old Town and The Church of the Resurrection


On one of the days we decided to venture away from our villa and go into the main part of Syros. The town was filled with little souvenir shops and cafés which we spent the morning exploring before heading into the old town.




When we got into the old town, it felt like we had finally landed in Greece, you know, the Instagram version of Greece. There were endless alleyways of pretty buildings and flowers and doors and pretty much everything you expect to see from an old Grecian town.


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We decided, after some deliberation, to take the somewhat challenging walk up to the church of the resurrection that lay on top of the hill. A word of warning, the walk is just as hard as it seems, but the views are definitely worth it!





Despite the sweating, I was really happy that we walked up here because the views were amazing, and the setting on the walk up was so lovely! Just maybe don’t wear platform shoes like I did if you ever plan on doing it…

After this we headed down for a much deserved drink. We found the most gorgeous restaurant located high up with views of the coastline, I only wish we had stayed there for dinner as well!



The main part of Syros is such a nice place to visit. Not too saturated by tourists, but still lots to do and see, plus the scenery is just gorgeous. Going into the town is a must-do if you’re staying here.


Beach Bars


I must admit, Syros isn’t exactly the destination for you if you want a big nightlife scene, but on our peaceful little trip we still managed to make use of some of the bars that ran along the beach front! These bars not only had a great view of the beach and the sea front, but they were decorated really nicely as well, with one of them being a mix of white wooden benches and swing seats overlooking the shore. The drinks weren’t particularly expensive here, they were pretty much as I expected them to be, and although I wouldn’t say it was a hive of activity, it was definitely a great place to watch the sunset and round off the evening.

I didn’t get any photos of these bars unfortunately, so here’s a picture of my lovely boyfriend enjoying his European strength margarita (aka 90% tequila).




So there you have a little insight into the second instalment of my Greek getaway! Syros was a beautiful place and I loved staying there. It’s the perfect destination for those who want a more relaxing holiday and want to see the beauty of the Greek islands. If you love topping up your tan and sipping on drinks all week, then this is a great place for you, but there’s also enough to do to spend a while there! After a week of sunning ourselves up however, we were ready to move on to a slightly busier destination, so I’ll see you all again soon for the final part of our journey…


Have you ever been to Greece? Which is your favourite island? If not where is your number 1 holiday destination? Let me know in the comments below! 

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