Pastel Lookbook

After months and months of waiting for the UK’s crappy winter weather to end, spring has finally sprung! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and we all get to spend these gloriously fresh days…in quarantine. However, despite a certain C word largely keeping us from going outdoors, my spring wardrobe is in full swing and ready to be paraded around my living room until further notice.

For me, spring means one thing and one thing only: COLOUR! I love colourful clothes, but I couldn’t help but dip into the darker shades during the dismal weather, so I have been super excited to incorporate it back into my looks. This has begun with me rediscovering my love for all things pastel. Pink, blue, purple, green, you name it, I am obsessed with these softer shades at the moment and they are doing wonders for reviving my wardrobe. So, in the spirit of spring, I thought I would do a post sharing all my current favourite pastel looks!



I don’t usually tend to wear that much green clothing, but sage green is having a moment right now and I am more than here for it. I think it’s such a flattering colour on a wide range of skin tones and also goes well with lots of other colours too, so it’s very easy to style!

I came across this ruched top on Boohoo when I was browsing recently and I added it straight to my basket! I love the style of this top because not only is it a really nice shape, but you can adjust the fit using the ties to exactly how you like it. I like to have it as ruched as possible in the middle because it adds more shape and adds a bit more detail.


I paired the top with light blue denim because I think the colours compliment each other perfectly and just make for a great spring combination! I opted for mom jeans as I think the baggier style looks really cute when you’re wearing a tighter top, giving the outfit a vintage vibe.

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I finished off the look with these gorgeous pom pom earrings that were kindly gifted to me by Groovy Daze. The colour was ideal for this look and they just finish off the outfit so perfectly! These earrings are such a cute accessory and I think they really add to the look, you can check out Groovy Daze on Instagram to see all of their other beaut colours!



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The next pastel item I ordered from Boohoo was this lovely lilac bodysuit. My favourite things about this bodysuit are the cut-out sides, I have been seeing a lot of these on Instagram lately and I love the way they look, especially when you have a tan (fake tan in my case). I also love the ribbed detailing of the material as it adds a bit of text to the piece!


Keeping with the ribbed theme, I combined the bodysuit with these white corduroy trousers I got last year from Zara. I think the white really compliments the lilac and the slightly lower waistline of the trousers give me cute 90s vibes!


To top off the 90s look, I lightly curled my hair and added a cute clip! Overall, I really like how this outfit turned out, super comfy and super cute!



I got this H&M top ages ago and I still haven’t had a chance to wear it due to the (until recently) awful weather. I was initially a bit scared of tie-dye, with it reminding me of a few of my former fashion crimes that I committed as a young teen, but I’m willing to take baby steps back into the trend. Plus, this top was only £3!! You can’t go wrong with that.


I also spotted this denim bucket hat when I picked up the top, and I immediately envisaged them together! A bucket hat isn’t always my thing but I thought this one looked so cute and it just goes so perfectly with the style and colour of the top! I also layered with gold chains on the neckline because gold and sky blue are a match made in heaven.


I wore my light denim mom jeans again with this outfit. This is a cute new take on a ‘double denim’ look and I am loving the way it came together. Baby blue has always been a favourite colour of mine and so I loved using it for a monochrome look, especially combined with the pop of colour from my eyeshadow!



As we all know, 90s fashion is back and better than ever, and that’s really the decade that inspired this cute little look. I had been hunting for a good cardigan for a while and I finally found this one on boohoo and fell in love! Not only is the baby pink colour so gorgeous, I also love that it’s ribbed and it fits so nicely!


I was sort of going for a mean girls vibe with this look, so I thought I would add in this cute little checked skirt from H&M that I got a few years ago. I think its such a cute part of the look and goes really well with the cutesy vibe of the cardigan.


Naturally, I finished off this look with this adorable mini bag that I thrifted from a charity shop a while ago, because what could be more 90s than a ridiculously tiny bag? I think this is such a cute addition to the outfit and really fitted the theme. I also added in some rectangle sunglasses from Primark to really amp up the nostalgia. That’s so fetch.



Another sage green look here because it has swiftly become my favourite colour of the season. This time, its in the form of this super cute loungewear set from Boohoo!

FullSizeRender-compressed 4

This set is ribbed and super comfy to wear, I love that the t-shirt is oversized so you can really slouch in it and it also covers the back of the shorts. This will most likely be something I wear at home but I would also happily wear it out, and for this look I styled it with some gold chains layered on top to make it a little bit dressier!


I would finish off this look with a chunky pair of trainers and maybe some white ankle socks. This is so easy to throw on but I got so many compliments on it when I posted it on Insta!


So you may have come to the conclusion after scrolling through this post that I am well and truly obsessed with pastels. And you would be well and truly right about that. I am absolutely loving experimenting with these shades at the moment and I can’t wait to build up my collection even more! Which was your favourite look that I styled? Let me know in the comments below!

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