Skinful Perle 2 Review

Christmas may feel like it was an age ago now that we’re on the 54th of January (longest month ever am I right?), but I wanted to do a little post about one of the gifts I received this year! I actually really enjoy getting belated gifts and this little baby didn’t arrive until mid way through Jan, so it was a nice little pick me up after the end of the festivities.

I had been interested for quite a long time in getting a new facial cleansing tool, since my trusty No 7 brush finally gave up on me after years of using it. I had loved using the brush but I was ready to delve into a new cleansing routine, and that’s what sparked my interest in the Foreo cleanser. An interest that was immediately dampened when I looked at the £150 price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for fancy skincare routines, but I’m also all for a bargain, and realistically, I just wasn’t going to spend that much on a cleanser. And so, I was back to square one in my quest for clear skin. Or at least I thought I was…until a trusty dupe came to the rescue in the form of this pretty little cleanser from Skinful!


At just a fraction of the price of the Foreo cleanser, Skinful’s Perle 2 is currently available for just £26.95! Very different from a brush, this silicone cleanser (available in three different colours) uses sonic vibrations to massage, exfoliate and gently cleanse your skin, with three different bristle sizes on the front and the back. It has adjustable intensity so you can tailor your own skincare routine to suit you, whether you have sensitive, normal or combination skin!


Start by wetting the Perle under a warm tap, then gently splash your face with water too. I was advised to put the cleanser you’re using on the Perle rather than on your face to ensure that it lathers up more. I place a 20p sized amount of the Body Shop Vitamin C Cleanser on it, and splash it again with a little bit of water.


Now it’s time to power on. I usually start with a medium intensity then work my way up. I go round my face in circular motions and try to move outwards from the centre of my face. I do this for a minute or so until it is all nicely lathered on my face and I feel like I have cleansed deeply enough. Then, I simply splash off the cleanser with some warm water and pat dry. Simple!


Personally, I am absolutely loving using this product so far. From the very first use, my skin felt super soft and smooth, and since then I think it has really kept my blemishes at bay! Without a doubt, my skin feels softer than it ever did before using this. The bristles massage the skin gently but effectively and leave it very soft to the touch, and overall it leaves my skin much more glowy than when I just cleanse with my hands. For me, I feel like using this gives me that extra level of cleansing that I need to get rid of dead skin cells, without making my skin red or sensitive in the process!



In general, I am really happy with this product, and totally think it was worth the wait! To sum up the pros of this fab little gadget:

  • Small and very portable
  • Soft on the skin
  • Gives deep exfoliation without irritation
  • Super easy to clean after use and more sanitary than a brush as it’s made of silicone
  • SUCH good battery life (have currently been using it twice a day for over 2 weeks and haven’t needed to re-charge it yet)
  • Adjustable intensity to adapt your skincare routine to suit you

The only cons of this product are that the delivery took a very long time, so that should be something you’re prepared for if you order it. Plus the little cap that goes over the charging port isn’t attached to the cleanser in any way so I feel like it’s really easy to lose if you’re not careful. But neither of these things are deal breakers and overall they don’t really affect my opinion of the product!

Since using the Perle, I have definitely noticed a change in my skin and I’m hoping that it will continue to even out my (somewhat blotchy) skin tone over time! If you have been looking at silicone cleansers but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for great results then I highly recommend this product. If you want to know more about how to use it, then you can check out my skincare highlight over on my Instagram where I did first impressions tutorial / review!

What are your winter skincare tips? Do you like using an electrical cleanser? Let me know in the comments below!

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