Sunset Satin

If there are two things I love in life, it’s golden hour, and satin clothing. Put those two things together, and needless to say you have an elite combination. With the UK still stuck very much in the depths of winter, golden hour can be hard to come by, making those few glistening moments all the more precious. And so, you need to be ready with the perfect outfit for when it finally comes along…

Since receiving this gorgeous champagne coloured satin top for Christmas from my lovely boyfriend, I have received endless complements on it. I wore it for Boxing Day and naturally, put up an ootd story on my Instagram, and I have never had so many people ask me where one item of clothing was from before! The blouse was a big hit, and I think we can all see why!


This season, for me, is the season of ruffles, feathers, bows, puff sleeves, and all things extra. I am currently obsessed with these styles and am living for the fact that they have started to be incorporated into everyday clothing! This ASOS blouse alone manages to incorporate almost all of that list, wrapped up in one beautiful statement piece. What more could you want?


The gorgeous champagne colour is what first attracted me to this top, but what really stands out for me is the big bow that ties it in the middle. I think it’s such a pretty feature and just makes for a super cute look! I also adore the way the material is ruched along the seam and I think this really accentuates the puffiness of the sleeves. All together, these details make for a statement piece, but without being too dramatic, and I definitely think it can be dressed down for the ‘jeans and a nice top’ vibe, and dressed up to the nines!


I opted for this jeans and a nice top vibe with this outfit, pairing the blouse with my favourite pair of blue jeans. I think blue jeans look so good with this and the colours complement each other perfectly. It also nicely balances out the dressier top, and doesn’t detract away from it as the main piece in the outfit!

I opted for dainty white heels because I think they suited the vibe I was going for. These little heels are so comfy and easy to walk in, but make it look like you’ve really made an effort which is a bonus! I also finished it off with this amazing croc print mini bag that I also got for Christmas from Azurina. The detailing of my initials monogrammed on it in gold is the perfect little touch to complement the satin blouse.



I think having my hair in big bouncy curls and swept to one side is the perfect way to finish off this look. I was going for a sophisticated style and this hair style is alway my go-to when I want to pull that off! If you want to see how I get that look then you can read my tutorial here! I also finished it off with gold, shimmery makeup to match the tones of the top. Again, I just think this is a great match for the look and is one of those little details that really pulls it all together. Plus, in golden hour, you can really appreciate all of the shimmery tones put together.

This blouse is probably one of the dreamiest items in my wardrobe right now and I truly am obsessed with it. Unlike golden hour, I know it is going to be sticking around for more than five minutes. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of those statement pieces that I wear over and over again because I just love it. Currently, I am caught in the clouds of January, but I’m patiently waiting for the next opportunity to wear my sunset satin again.

What’s your favourite statement item in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!

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