The BEST food in Toulouse

When I moved to France, going out for food very quickly became one of my new favourite hobbies. Of course, if I was going to discover French culture the proper way, then I was going to need to try a whole lot of food, and with so many different restaurants to choose from here in Toulouse, I decided that it would actually be rude not to visit as many of them as I could, all in the name of culture of course.

The funny thing is, when there are so many restaurants to choose from, it can sometimes be impossible to decide where to go based on a simple google search. As I mentioned in my post about The Best Meal I’ve Ever Had, when it comes to food, decisions are seriously important. Nobody, I mean NOBODY, wants to make a bad food choice. So, the dedicated blogger that I am, I decided to make a comprehensive list of all of my favourite restaurants in Toulouse to make that decision easier for my lovely readers should they ever find themselves in this pretty city. No really, you’re welcome. 


Meet the meat


So any vegetarians will quite rightly be scared off by the title, but for those who eat meat, this restaurant is a must visit! The menu isn’t too broad, but that’s because their speciality is steak so the majority of people go there specifically for that. In this restaurant you pay a set price which covers a starter and a main course, and you can add a dessert on the end if your stomach isn’t exploding (I’m yet to make it that far).


I have been to this restaurant a few times now and had the same combination each time because it was so delicious. I opt for the salad with gésiers de canard (duck) which doesn’t look like much in the photo but actually tastes amazing, and l’entrecôte madame with garlic butter and dauphinois.



The steaks come in different sizes (but pretty much all huge) and you can choose your sauce and style of potatoes. So even though the menu isn’t so broad, you still get to tailor your meal to how you like it, including how you would like your steak cooked (fyi anything other than rare is pretty much offensive here in France).




The atmosphere is great in this little restaurant and the staff have treated me very well every time I’ve been here! To top it off they offer you a free shot at the end of you meal, and I don’t mean a shot of supermarket vodka, I mean like an actual nice shot, one that doesn’t leave you gagging with your throat on fire.

Le Florida

This was actually one of the first restaurants I ever ate at in Toulouse when I arrived in summer. Situated right in front of the Capitole building, it is the perfect place to dine with a gorgeous view of the square!




It wasn’t until months later when my parents came to visit that I discovered how nice the inside was as well (funnily enough, there are some perks to being herded inside because of the gilet jaunes).


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The menu here is very typically French so a great place to go if you’re looking to soak up some of the culture. We received wonderful service here and ate some great food. It may seem like it’s very fancy and expensive from the decor, but I remember the first time I ate here, the low price of the moules marinières is actually what initially drew me in! So you don’t have to spend loads to eat here.


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I recommend this place because it’s great for summer or winter dining, both giving a very different, yet equally nice experience.

Forno gusto


So we went to this restaurant shortly after it first opened and it’s safe to say we were impressed. This restaurant makes handmade pizzas right in front of your eyes and theres a huge selection to choose from. So big in fact, than my friend and I went halves on two different pizzas because we just couldn’t make our minds up.



The pizzas at this restaurant really are special, and if these photos aren’t enough to convince you then I don’t know what will.



This restaurant has lovely decor but it was the decor that almost killed me when I went. In all their artsy wisdom, they had decided to decorate the ceiling with barrels, and one of the heavy metal rings fell off a barrel during my meal and fell just a few inches from my head. The whole incident went largely unnoticed, with a waiter simply picking it up and explaining how ‘that doesn’t usually happen’ before walking away. You can’t really get more ‘French’ than that reaction.

So just a tip if you ever come here, don’t sit underneath the barrels if you want to avoid a near death experience.

El Chivito

So as you can tell from the title this one isn’t typically French, but Latin-American is the next best thing right?

This place is perfect for big groups who love a sharing platter and big jugs of sangria. So that’s precisely what we ordered when we went here.


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I couldn’t tell you specifically what all of these things were but I can tell you that they tasted delicious! This place is great for if you want to sample a few different things rather than committing to one meal, taking away the stress of the dreaded decision making fiasco.




This place is lovely but admittedly very small. So not the best place to come with a large group, or without booking in advance. But if you can get a spot here then you’re good to go.


Prima Fabbrica

This restaurant is in one of the liveliest quarters of Toulouse called Place St Georges. This area is essentially a square with lots of different restaurants that is perfect for al fresco dining on those summer nights!


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The menu at this restaurant is mainly comprised of Italian food and there are so many things to choose from. I opted for the truffle pasta the first time I went (which was only 14 euros) and it tasted AMAZING. In fact, I haven’t really stopped thinking about it since. The second time, I tried the French delicacy of tartare de bœuf, which, once you get over the fact that you’re eating raw meat topped off with a raw egg yolk, actually tastes wonderful! Like I said, got to immerse yourself in the culture guys.


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Eating here on a summer evening is such a nice experience because there are so many people around and the atmosphere is so lively. I would definitely recommend this place for a big group of people!

Quand les Moules auront les dents

A little fun fact for you all: the name of this restaurant actually translates as ‘when the mussels will have teeth’ which is the French equivalent of ‘when pigs will fly’.

Located just a little out from the centre of Toulouse, this restaurant is THE PLACE to go for mussels.


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With a huge range of different types of mussels on the menu (as well as chicken and other options for those who don’t like seafood), you are spoilt for choice when it comes to ordering something here! With the mussels being served in a giant mussel shell shaped dish, coated in your chosen sauce and with a huge portion of chips, this meal really is to die for. My mouth is watering just from looking back at the photos…


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Alongside the great food, this restaurant has really cute decoration and you receive lovely service from the staff (something that can be hard to come by in France).


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Overall, as one of the more ‘themed’ restaurants on the list, this place is a great experience for those who love mussels, and it has a really nice atmosphere for families, couples or groups of friends (so pretty much anybody).


Les Américains

We sort of stumbled across this restaurant by accident one day, but I am so glad that we did. With a list of burgers as long as my arm (all named after famous Americans), this restaurant has a comprehensive menu that would suit everyone!


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I opted for the magret de canard because I love duck and it is a French delicacy. Although it doesn’t look like much in the photo, it really was delicious, and I was so full by the end of it! As you can see, the rest of my friends opted for a variety of the different burgers on offer, and I can’t lie, I did have a bit of food envy when they brought them out…


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Located near the centre of town, this place is a great little spot to eat. Plus, with outdoor heating, you can sit outside no matter what the weather, meaning you don’t have to compromise on you French al fresco dining experience when the weather is having a tantrum.


Planet Sushi


So, despite this being the least French restaurant on this list, it is ironically one of my favourites, and one of my most frequented. What can I say? I just love sushi.

This place does a great deal where you can have six plates of sushi for just €10 at lunch time, which is super cheap compared to any other sushi places I have come across! Whilst the sushi looks small, I have found that six plates is more than enough to fill you up at lunch time, so I love making the most of this deal.




As usual, the plates come round on a conveyor belt and there are a variety of different types to choose from, including vegetarian options and even a ‘sweet sushi’ made with Nutella, I personally wouldn’t recommend this though…

For those who don’t want to be restricted to the conveyor belt options, there is also a menu that you can choose from including hundreds of different types!


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Despite being one of my favourite restaurants here, I must admit that this one definitely lacks in customer service. But this is usually made up for by the great lunchtime deal. As long as you arrive in good time then you’re good to go. I’m definitely going to miss this place now that I’m back in the UK!


Burger n. Co


For all you burger lovers out there, this restaurant is the place for you! I realised only a little while ago that this restaurant was just a short walk from my flat, so naturally, I had to give it a visit.


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The cute little set up of this restaurant gave an understated feel of an American diner which I thought was a really nice touch. The menus are also written on little wooden boards which I have never seen before and really liked. With quirky names written in English for all the burgers and the option for a tonne of different extras, there was definitely a lot to choose from on this menu!


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I feel like this photo doesn’t do the burger justice because it was actually really good but all the picture shows is the bread (classic example of me being too impatient to take a photo before eating). Whilst the portion doesn’t look that massive, we were all definitely struggling by the end and left the restaurant feeling super full.

I loved how the food came on these little trays because I feel like it complimented the American theme of the restaurant and was cooler than a conventional plate. It’s the little things ay.


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This place is a great restaurant to come to with friends, it has a really laid back atmosphere and you could enjoy it for lunch or dinner. The one I went to was away from Capitole, but there is actually another one closer to the centre so you don’t have to come as far out!

I enjoyed this place and they even gave us a little burger sweet at the end as we left, a nice little touch in my opinion.




Pizza Pino

I have been to this restaurant quite a few times because I am just obsessed with Italian food. Plus this place is in the nicest location, outside a gorgeous fountain right near the centre of town!


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Once again, this place has a huge menu to choose from including pizzas, pastas and different meat dishes! I also love this place because it does set menu options for a good price meaning sometimes you can get two courses for cheaper than just the main on its own! It also does 30% off student discount for some of the main items on the menu, so this place is great if you’re looking for a good value but delicious meal.

I chose the truffle ravioli last time I went, but before that I have always had the salmon pasta because it’s amazing, however I am yet to finish a portion here because the meals are so big! Not that I’m complaining about that…


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This restaurant is lovely to sit at both inside and out. Inside it has lovely decoration, high ceilings and lots or mirrors that expand the room. Whereas outside you have the lovely view of the fountain so it’s great for those warmer days! This is definitely one of those places that feels expensive but you can easily do it on a budget, plus there is something for everyone on the menu. I’d recommend this place for couples and groups of friends!



Bistro Régent


We stumbled across this restaurant on our last night in Toulouse. Wanting to honour the classic ‘meat, salad and sides’ combo that the French love so much, we decided that this was the perfect place to enjoy our final Toulousain meal. Located in Place st George like Prima Fabbrica, this restaurant was just as lively as its Italian counterpart that we loved so much.


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The idea of this place is that you choose your meat and how you would like it cooked, then it arrives with a huge bowl of salad and fries for the table to all enjoy, sort of giving it a family dining atmosphere.

I chose the duck because it is one of my favourite meats and a French speciality, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed!


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The menu isn’t as wide as some of the other restaurants, but it is certainly typically French, so great if you’re looking for the authentic French dining experience. This restaurant is also one of the cheaper ones in this area, with our dinner costing just €13.90  each, plus you can get a bottle of wine for €13!


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Phew, it seems we have finally reached the end of this post. But I’m actually pretty proud of it. I’ve officially created the guide that I myself needed back in September when I moved to Toulouse. It was tough research, I had to eat many a meal and drink copious amounts of wine to get here but hey, someone’s got to do it. I did it all for you. guys. So if you ever need to find a restaurant in Toulouse, then you know where to turn.

Yours sincerely, your ever so dedicated blog host x