A Week of Workwear: Pt 2

Welcome back to part two of ‘a struggling intern tries to plan her outfits‘. I hope you all enjoyed the first instalment, and if you’ve come back for this part, then I can only assume that you did. I am now entering my final week of work experience and I have just about managed to scrape together enough outfits to see me through, much to my relief. So here I am, back again to share with you my second week of workwear looks…enjoy!






When I came across these trousers in Primark, I couldn’t quite believe my luck. Not only were they a gorgeous pink colour and a classy tailored style, but they also fit like a dream, something which I’ll admit can be a struggle with Primark clothes.




The trousers are quite a statement piece so naturally, I paired them with my beloved white t-shirt (aka the most versatile item in my wardrobe). I feel like this outfit is the ultimate ‘smart-casual’ look, with the tailored fit of the trousers alongside the comfort of the t-shirt and chunky trainers. Overall, this is such a comfortable outfit to spend all day at work in!


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Sadly, I think my love affair with these trousers may be forced to end much earlier than I would like, because they came out of the washing machine yesterday stained with patches of blue dye from some other evil item in the washing machine. So if anyone has a remedy for this then please let me know, because I’m just not ready to let go yet…






Is this dress not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I mean at this stage, it’s getting to the point where I will just buy anything with polka dots on, but can you blame me?

This was another great Primark find, tucked away at the back of a rail (fyi it’s very important to dig deep when shopping in Primark), and I’m so happy I came across it!




I feel like this is the ultimate casual dress to wear with trainers in the day time, I love how it’s loose and flowy, but you can also tie it as tight as you want at the waist. This also means that you can get this in a variety of sizes and it would still suit, this one is a size 10 so I didn’t expect it to fit me but I still love the way it looks!


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I paired the dress with my lovely mum’s new pair of white platforms from Daniel Footwear because she, I quote ‘really wanted them to make it onto instagram’. These shoes are actually ideal for workwear because they are fresh white, and I feel like the platform makes them a bit smarter, but of course, still super comfortable to wear! The look is generally a really summery, casual look, but I still feel like I’ve made an effort when I’m wearing it. P.s mum, I think I’ll be borrowing these shoes more often.




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Yet another Primark steal in this outfit, are you noticing a theme here? Nestled at the back of a rail, I found this little blouse that was on sale for just £3! I really like the pattern of this shirt and I thought the style and fit was perfect for summer. Plus I love the detailing of the tortoise shell buttons.


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Although it’s a size 12, I really like the oversized fit of this shirt, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any tighter than it is! I feel like this shirt could also be quite versatile when you style it, you could tuck it in, leave it open or tie it up at the bottom for instance, so there’s definitely room to play around with it.

For a work environment it’s great because it’s smart looking, but very comfortable and relaxed to wear, so you don’t feel like you’re restricted all day!


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I paired it with my white cord trousers from Zara which I love. Admittedly these probably wouldn’t be so good on a hot day, but also, realistically we don’t get that many of those here in England. Finished off with the trusty white trainers and my chain link bag from Topshop, I feel like this is a really fresh outfit that is comfortable, smart and super easy to wear. A bit of a win-win situation there.






I’ve featured this skirt on my blog before but it’s back again because I want to let you all know that I’m still obsessed with it. It’s rare that a skirt cut like this suits me so you best believe I’m going to milk it whilst I can.

Obviously this outfit won’t be appropriate for all workplaces because it might be a little bit short, but if the place you’re at is fairly relaxed then this is still a very smart look!


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I love the tweed because not only does it give me Chanel vibes, but I think it’s actually a really good style for the workplace. I strayed (only slightly) away from my white t-shirt combo here, because I thought that a long sleeved top would be best when wearing something shorter to maintain the balance.

I finished it off with these little light pink pumps, which I actually forgot that I owned until I dug around in my wardrobe. They make a nice change from white trainers and make this look that little bit smarter, plus they’re super comfortable for getting around London in!


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I was shocked and upset to find out that Topshop has sold a matching tweed jacket to go with this skirt all along and I never knew about it. I think it might just have to be my next purchase…



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I actually bought these trousers quite a long time ago in the Topshop sales, but I still adore them. In the UK, we have so many ‘inbetweeny’ days, where it’s not quite hot enough to strip off, but too hot to wear anything remotely tight, so these are always my go-to.


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These are great for a smart-casual dress code because they are unbelievably comfy, but still look so smart, even when you pair them with a t-shirt (shock) and trainers like I have.  I love the detail of the tortoise shell belt buckle, and I like to compliment it with a pair of tortoise shell earrings as well.


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I feel like you can’t really go wrong with a fresh white outfit when trying to look smart. This outfit makes me feel dressed up when in reality, comfort-wise, I’m wearing the equivalent of my pyjamas. I mean, is that not literally the dream?


So there you have it. I know part one left you perched right on the edge of your seat, so I hope that part two lived up to expectations. I’d also like to remind you that in the real world, it is actually very acceptable to wear things more than once. But for the sake of my blog and my lovely followers, I wanted to pull together as many different styles as possible, and I just about managed it. Kudos to me. 


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Which is your favourite look from my work wear hauls? I’d love to know in the comments below!