The Coat of My Dreams

I could start off this post by saying that it’s not often that you fall in love with an item of clothing the moment you lay eyes upon it. However, in my case, that would be a lie. Admittedly, I fall fast and hard when it comes to fashion, with items making their way into my basket faster than you can say overdraft. What is true however, is that it’s not often that you come across a coat this gorgeous, and for such a good price too!

In this instance though, it was a case of forbidden love, as the coat I was lusting after was not only out of stock, but completely discontinued on the website. Our romance was over before it had begun. I was just about to put on some sad music and sit down looking wistfully out of my window, when I had a lightbulb moment: Depop!

I don’t often use Depop, but it’s always been there for me in my time of need, and this was no exception. I hastily typed in every combination of words that I could think of to find the coat and lo and behold, there it was! One coat, from one seller only. It had to be mine. I can be rather determined when it comes to things like this and so long story short, about a week later the coat was hanging up in my wardrobe, and it was just as beautiful in person as it was on the website. No catfish coats here. So without further ado, let me introduce you to my new love interest…


Isn’t she a beauty? I can’t even tell you how long I had been lusting after one of these trench coats. Since seeing them on all of my favourite Instagram models I have been obsessed. However, these types of coats are somewhat difficult to come by if you don’t want to spend upwards of £700 (not going to pretend that I didn’t consider it).

With this coat however, I got the same classy look for just over £30!! Originally a Boohoo number, this coat is such good value for what it is. The quality is very good, with a PU base (but not shiny or patent), and super soft fur cuffs. The belt has lots of holes and even though this is a size 10, I can definitely make the belt small enough for my waist. However, I prefer to tie the belt because I really like that look!


The coat also has buttons all the way down it so you can style it in different ways by doing some, or all of the buttons up. I like to have them all undone and then keep the coat cinched in at the waist for some shape!

As this coat is a statement all by itself, I like to wear it with plain outfits. So I opted for classic blue jeans and a white top, both also from Boohoo and gifted as part of my ongoing collaboration with them! By having a basic outfit underneath, it allows the coat to really shine. I also topped off the look with these gorgeous pom pom earrings from Groovy Daze as I love the way the colours compliment each other and they give off such a spring vibe.


This coat is just perfect for spring weather. Not too thick and not too light, it is a great transitional coat! It is also one of those items that you can very easily dress up or down to suit your style. I personally love it as a daytime look and it just adds an extra something to a simple outfit.


All in all, this is probably my favourite coat that I have ever owned. Bold statement I know, but totally true. I feel so classy when I wear it and it just gives off those extra vibes that I am living for right now. I feel like this was such a good style steal and I am so happy that I managed to find it on Depop, because I would most likely still be sat at my window pining for it now if I hadn’t…

What’s been your best style steal? Let me know in the comments below!

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