Killer Claws with Lilly’s Beauty Box

Following a barrage of broken nails a few months ago, I decided it was time to give them a little break from the polish that I so loved to wear all the time. This was, quite conveniently, helped by the fact that I forgot to take all of my nail varnishes with me to uni. So, I was rocking the natural look for a while, which I did actually come to love, but it’s safe to say that I was missing the prettiness of polish.

There’s just something so great about having a fresh set, and now that my nails were nice and strong again, I was beyond ready to get back on the bandwagon. Which was why I was ridiculously excited when my lovely friend Lilly, who also happens to be a nail technician, offered to sort me out with a new set! Since then, I have received so many compliments and I pretty much haven’t stopped staring at my nails (I really have missed having them look so pretty), so I wanted to do a little post all about it for you guys!


Nestled away in Priestgate in Peterborough, Kerry Louise Cosmetics , where Lilly is based, is almost hidden away if you aren’t paying attention, but trust me you don’t want to miss this! I was welcomed into pretty much the most instagrammable room I have ever been in before. The lighting and decor really were to die for, with pastel pink accents running throughout the room. Lily Shares this salon with other makeup and beauty therapists so the mix of stations made for a really cute little set up!



Lilly specialises in gel polish and gel extensions and I was invited to have a gel polish which I was super excited about! I have only had acrylic nails twice before in my life, and since then I have been massively put off by the way they ruin your natural nails underneath! Personally, I much prefer treatments like this that don’t harm your nails so much but still look gorgeous and, most importantly, last for ages!

If you check out Lilly’s Beauty Box on Instagram here, you can see the wide variety of nail art and styles she offers already. But should you find a style elsewhere that you particularly love, you can also send her a design that you like beforehand so that she can accommodate for it! In my case, I found a super pretty design on Instagram that I was immediately obsessed with, and of course, she was happy to recreate the look for me!

We switched up a few of the colours from the original design, but the finished look was absolutely gorgeous!


Most people that know me, know that pink and sparkles are some of my favourite things (cliché I know), so this look was pretty much me in a nail design! Because my natural nails had grown long and strong, Lilly was able to shape them really nicely so they feel just as sassy as acrylics, but without the nail damage that comes with them. Win-win situation!

A week later, my nails are still in perfect condition and feel strong and healthy. A gel set like this should last a minimum of two weeks, but depending on the aftercare and the type of nails you have, they could last you up to a month! Overall, I would say I am well and truly obsessed with my nails and this was the perfect way to welcome me back into the world of nail polish…oh how I’ve missed it.

I wanted to say thank you so much to Lilly for offering me this treatment, and although I was lucky enough to get it for free, it is definitely something that I would pay for! The salon is a lovely environment and you can really tell the level of care that is put into both the nail care and the nail art itself. I would definitely recommend visiting somewhere like Lilly’s salon instead of those in-and-out ones on he high street, because although they may be quick and convenient, the quality of treatment and the staff you get somewhere like this is much better!

Like I said, you can check out all of Lilly’s wonderful designs, and contact her for appointments via her instagram!

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