One hoodie, three outfits

During the winter months, I like to take inspiration from these oh so wise words from CHANEL: ‘luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury’. Now obviously I’m not going to be sporting Chanel on my blog any time soon, but hey, ‘luxury’ is what you make of it, and I say that luxury is a combination of looking great and feeling great, so who cares about the price tag?

Loungewear has stormed onto the fashion scene this winter like never before and I am most definitely here for it. Coats, hoodies, trackies, puffas, I can’t really pinpoint when the morning-after-the-night-before look became chic, but I am certainly not complaining about it. During the months where the skies are grey, the temperatures are sub-zero, and the hair on your legs is almost as long as the hair on your head, there is no better time to embrace this trend and build a capsule wardrobe of your favourite re-wearable pieces!

When it comes to styling loungewear as a normal person, (aka someone who isn’t sent clothes five times a week or can’t afford to revamp their entire wardrobe for every new trend), buying pieces that can be worn in multiple different outfits is essential. In this post I wanted to share three different ways that I have styled my recent purchase from Zara. You can’t get much simpler than a basic white hoodie, and for just €15 I now have a new staple piece for multiple outfits! Why not have a little scroll and see how I style it?

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So I thought God was really looking out for me when I found the last faux leather blazer tucked away in the corner of Zara, and it was on sale! Well it turns out that I’m actually not that special and there was an entire rack of them downstairs…

Nevertheless, when I saw it on the rail, I immediately envisaged this outfit and so both the blazer and the hoodie came home with me. It’s the fashion love story you never knew you needed to hear until now.




With the weather here in Toulouse rarely straying far from grey skies and constant rain, I haven’t recently had that much opportunity to wear these chord trousers that I love so much. I usually see white as a summer colour, but these trousers are actually the perfect thickness for winter wear so I have been itching to get them out of my wardrobe!

I love how the all-white combo contrasts with the brown leather, and by adding multiple textures to the outfit, it makes it that little bit more interesting.




Paired with my snake print handbag and a pair of ‘white’ trainers that have admittedly seen better days, the brown and white colour scheme flows from head to toe. Topped off with some brown tortoise shell earrings and a pair of somewhat unnecessary but extremely stylish sunglasses and voilà, the look is complete.



I feel like I look like a member of some 90s boyband in this outfit, is anyone else getting that vibe?

Hoodie- Zara

Trousers- Zara

Blazer- Zara

Shoes- Primark

Bag- New Look

Sunglasses & Earrings- Primark







As you know from my post back in November, I am officially back on the neon bandwagon. I mean, who isn’t? Obviously, I am not going to let it escalate quite so outrageously as it did back in the 2009 neon phase, but I am definitely loving incorporating it into my looks.

This time, God really was looking out for me, because I found this neon gem hidden in the back of Primark for just €8!!




When it comes to winter outfits, layering is essential for survival. The great thing about loungewear is that it was practically made for layering! I love the way a turtle neck looks underneath a hoodie and think it looks even cooler with the contrast of the neon green against the white.

This look keeps you surprisingly warm and fulfils my objective for maximum comfort whilst looking stylish.




I paired this layered look with my faux leather trousers that have always been so good to me. Once again, they add another texture to liven up the outfit! Whack on a bumbag, some chunky trainers and of course, a pair of sunnies, and you’re good to go.

This outfit is so easy to wear, and I think it’s a great way of incorporating a little bit of neon into your look, particularly if you don’t feel brave enough to go for the whole shebang. I don’t blame you, I am still a little scarred from last time…



Hoodie- Zara

Turtleneck- Primark

Trousers- Primark

Shoes- Topshop

Bumbag- New Look

Sunglasses- Primark






And we’re back again with the layers. The truly wonderful thing about this outfit is you could literally wear five different tops underneath this hoodie and nobody would be any the wiser.

I think white looks so good when paired with light blue denim. It’s such a simple yet timeless look that I will probably be wearing for the rest of my life. I bought these mom jeans back when I was too scared to actually wear them because skinnies were still very much top of the food chain. Years later and they are still a staple piece in my wardrobe!




I layered this chord shirt from Zara over the top for, you guessed it, a little bit of texture. Since buying this shirt I have found so many different ways to wear it, the beige colour means it is easy to pair with so many different things and I just loved the way it looked over this hoodie!




I took this outfit as the perfect opportunity to wear these gorgeous patent white boots from New Look (which by the way were ONLY £12!). I feel like I have been wearing trainers a whole lot recently and it’s nice to switch it up from time to time. The boots just added something a little extra to this look that I loved, but still kept it casual enough for daytime wear.

Finished off with a simple black belt, my snakeskin hand bag and of course, a pair of statement earrings, this look just felt effortlessly cool. Who said comfort and style don’t go together?



Hoodie- Zara

Shirt- Zara

Jeans- Topshop

Shoes- New Look

Bag & Earrings- New Look

Belt- Primark

(500 tops underneath- multiple shops)


And there you have it. Three for the price of one. I’m definitely a fan of those odds.

As I have started getting more into my blogging, I have definitely realised the importance of buying staple pieces, rather than one off wonders. Of course, sometimes there are things that you simply cannot leave on the shelf even though you know that they’re not going to see the light of day very often, but otherwise, I have really felt the benefits of buying pieces that can be worn over and over again. Because although Instagram would have you believe it, not everybody wears something once just for a photo…

I hope you liked my looks and I would love to see any similar ones you have come up with too!