The coat of dreams

Every year when Christmas comes around I face the same dilemma. I could spend an entire 11 months lusting after different clothes and accessories that I can’t afford but as soon as we hit December, they all seem to magically escape my consciousness. This leaves me, much to my parent’s frustration, with absolutely no idea what to ask for for Christmas. My mum has always told me that I am incredibly difficult to buy clothes for. If we go shopping together, she says black, I say white, it’s just always been that way. So every year when I inevitably can’t come up with any ideas, my poor parents are left tearing their hair out.

This Christmas, I faced my classic conundrum once again, but I really wanted to make my parents’ lives easier. I had already planned to go to Winter Wonderland on the weekend before the big day, and what better place to choose a Christmas present than the UK’s wonderful capital city? If you check out my post Christmas in London you can see everything I got up to there, one of those things being shopping in Oxford Street. Which brings me to the point of this post, as this was where I purchased the coat of my dreams.


Coat: Topshop

I had recently seen loads of light coloured teddy coats all over Instagram and so I had been itching to purchase my own for a while. However, it wasn’t until I saw a post by Beth Bartram that I truly fell in love with a specific one. This oversized cream coat from Topshop was everything I was looking for!

Anyone who has been to London knows that the Topshop there is both giant and amazing, so naturally I went in to check it out. Just a few minutes of wandering one of the many floors, and there it was, love at almost-first sight.


Joggers: Primark

Being £75, or £68 with student discount, I wouldn’t normally buy this coat because I’m always looking for a bargain. This is why I was so glad I could have it for my Christmas present.

It’s one of the thickest and cosiest coats I’ve ever had and I just think it looks so stylish. Plus it goes with so many things and the quality is great so I know it will last for ages. In the past few weeks as the weather has gotten much colder, it’s been so easy to just throw this coat on over almost any outfit!


Bumbag: New Look

The outfit in these photos is one of my favourite casual looks at the moment. I actually recently wore it to the airport because it’s just so comfortable.

I have seen lots of bloggers styling trackies and joggers for daytime looks and I just think they look effortlessly cool. As usual, when it came to putting together my own look, it was my beloved Primark that came to the rescue, with these joggers being on sale for just £3!!!! It actually would have been rude to leave them on the shelf.

I kept this look very neutral and simple, just a plain white long-sleeved top, beige joggers and black accessories (okay so the sunglasses weren’t essential in this weather but I just liked them).

I also wore my new favourite chunky trainers, also from Topshop, which finished off the look nicely!


Trainers: Topshop

I have a feeling that I am going to be wearing this look a lot through these winter months because it is just so comfortable and easy. As for the coat itself, it will probably feature in roughly 90% of my outfits because I just love it so much and with the sub-zero temperatures here in Toulouse, I really need it.

What was your favourite fashion item that you got for Christmas?