The dress of dreams…

Guys, I think I’ve finally found it. The dress of my dreams. The one I never knew I needed until now. If you’ve ever found the love of your life in the form of a wardrobe item then you will probably know how I feel right about now, and just how excited I am to share my soulmate with you all…

I am currently writing this post sitting on the balcony of my villa, looking over the beautiful coastline of Syros- one of the many gorgeous Greek islands. An island that I have been lucky enough to visit on a three week holiday to Greece. As someone who has never been anywhere other than France with their family, this is a pretty big occasion for me. So what brought me here to Greece, sunbathing on this pretty little balcony? And what does this have to do with my dream dress? Well, it was all in aid of a big fat Greek wedding…

When one of our close family friends announced that she would be getting married in Athens this year, we were excited for so many reasons, but in amongst all this excitement, came the immediate twinge of stress in the back of my mind…but what will I wear?!

Choosing an outfit for such a special occasion is not always an easy task, and can reduce even the most avid shopper to the verge of tears, so I must admit I was somewhat dreading finding my outfit. Until one evening I was casually scrolling through Instagram.

I had followed Danish influencer Maria Kragmann for a long time, but I had never really come across her online clothing brand M-KAE. I suppose it had gotten lost in amongst the sea of bloggers that I have on the app, but I am so glad that it finally came to the surface! I was scrolling through my feed when I quite literally stopped in my tracks and sat up at the sight of the Paris dress on her profile, newly available in baby blue. I say this a lot but, this really was love at first sight. My mind instantly thought of the wedding I had coming up and I just knew I had to have it.

The dress features a high neck design that buttons up at the back, pulling together a loose fitting t-shirt. The elasticated waistband cinches you in nicely in the right places, giving a lovely shape to the dress.

Of course, the main event, and the thing that made me fall in love with this dress is undeniably, the gorgeous ruffled skirt. With three levels of pleated material, the bottom half is layered beautifully to give it volume and shape. I love the way the pleats contrast with the smooth upper part of the dress and tying the waistband in a bow adds a nice bit of detail to the waistline!

I combined the dress with simple white accessories and gold / pearl earrings because these are some of my favourite colour combinations for summer! I have had these heels for over a year now and they only cost me £8 in the H&M sale yet they remain to be one of my favourite pairs of shoes for summer glam outfits! I wanted to keep the accessories simple in this look because the dress is such a statement piece in itself, so I didn’t want to detract from that by embellishing it too much. Simplicity is key right?

Coming in at just over £100, purchasing this dress was very out of character for someone like me who spends most of their time in Primark, however I think that demonstrates just how much I love it! It turned out to be the perfect dress for the wedding, and I can’t wait to wear it for another occasion as soon as I can!

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!

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