Back to Basics


The main mistake I always make when it comes to clothes shopping is not investing any money in basic items. They’re always the things that I know I want and need for casual outfits, but they’re almost so basic that I just don’t want to spend my money on them when I can spend it on a statement piece instead. Now, this is all well and good when you want to put together an eye-catching outfit, but when you want to look casual and stylish, you aren’t left with much choice of clothes. Let’s just say my capsule wardrobe that I committed to creating a while ago really isn’t going to plan.

I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to this habit because it’s something I know that I do, yet I make no effort to stop myself. I must admit it’s hard to see the appeal of a plain white top when it’s on the rail next to a pretty patterned one, but if there’s anything the style gurus of Instagram have taught me, it’s that sometimes less is more when it comes to styling. So, in an endeavour to embrace the simple side of life, I thought I’d share with you a little back to basics #ootd that I am loving at the moment!



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I spotted this little top on the sale rail in H&M the other day when I forced myself to go and look at the simple tops rather than the one-off wonders (how disciplined of me). I’ll be heading off on holiday very soon and I just thought this plain white top would be particularly useful for different holiday outfits, plus it was only ยฃ4!

Overall it’s really comfortable, fits well and the crinkled style makes it a slightly more interesting piece. I already know I am going to get a lot of wear out of this!


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It appears that despite all of our greatest efforts, low cut jeans are most definitely becoming a thing, and although the thought of them still sort of makes me wince, I am actually starting to embrace the trend myself…

These jeans aren’t actually a low waist cut but they do fall below my belly button without a belt, which for someone who is usually a belly-button-strictly-covered-at-all-times kind of girl, that’s progress. You might call it the cop-out version of the low cut jean but that’s good enough for me right now. Baby steps guys.


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I love the straight leg of these jeans combined with the frayed hem at the bottom and I like the way this rough hem contrasts with the clean cut heels.

These heels were also a sale item from H&M that I found last year and am still loving today! The sandal style is a classic look for summer and they are a small heel, so easy to walk in and relatively comfortable too. Whilst a white shoe for summer may not be groundbreaking, it is timeless, and I think it will always be my go-to style in the hotter weather.

I finished off the look with this gorgeous little vintage bag that I borrowed from my lovely mum. Adding a little pop of colour to the outfit but not distracting from its simplicity, this is the perfect little accessory for a back to basics outfit!



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I did it guys! I ignored the little devil on my shoulder and I managed to put together an outfit that any minimalist blogger out there would be proud of, and I’m really happy with the result! I do actually love the minimalist style, but my somewhat magpie-like tendencies mean that I get easily distracted by pretty colours and ultimately, am lacking the items to create simplistic looks.

However, I am determined to start putting a little bit more effort into my basics collection, because after all, they are a wardrobe’s most enduring pieces. Maybe one day I’ll eventually get that capsule wardrobe after all…


What are the staple items in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below! 

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