A Day at Henley Regatta

What is Henley Regatta famous for? Rowing. What did I not see a single second of when I went to Henley Regatta? Rowing…

At first, I thought that I must be one of the only people to ever go to Henley Regatta without watching a single second of the event that it’s based around. However I was assured by my regularly attending friends that this is actually normal. So I didn’t feel too uncultured in the end.

I’m lucky enough to have a close friend who lives near to Henley, so this year she invited myself and some others to spend a day at the regatta! As an excuse to get all dressed up and spend the day drinking in the sun, I didn’t have to think twice about it. Although I didn’t catch any of the actual event, I still had a great day and so I wanted to share a little bit of it with you all!


Firstly, I wanted to show you my outfit because everyone knows that’s the most important part of the day right? You’re probably getting sick of seeing this dress by now but I’m still in love with it, so it’s going to be around for a while. Considering it was just a €15 purchase from Primark, this slip dress has served me so well on so many different occasions! I love to wear it casually but this was one of the times where I got to dress it up, and I loved it! I paired it with these white platform sandals which are my go-to summer shoe and a great alternative to heels if you’re walking all day.

This is one of this outfits that looks more expensive than it actually is, and I personally thought it made a really classy look. Particularly with my hair styled in Hollywood curls.



I also wanted to include a photo of my friend’s outfits because how stunning do they look?!

The dress code was definitely like a classy summer party vibe and it felt really nice with everyone all dressed up! Plus, we were super lucky with the weather which made the whole experience even better.




So after having a lovely barbecue at my friend’s house (and drinking multiple jugs of pimms), it was straight to the regatta. We definitely hit a few bumps along the way with crazy traffic, so we actually ended up walking the last part of it (or should I say running as we desperately tried to keep up with my friend’s power walk). But eventually we made it to the most important area of the event- the Mahiki tent.

Usually a boujie bar in London, Mahiki sets up a tent every year at Henley and according to my friends, it’s definitely the place to be. And the ridiculously long queue confirmed that…

At £30 for entry, this place definitely wasn’t cheap, but that sort of comes with the territory. What do you expect when you’re hanging out with the rich kids of Made in Chelsea? Yes we did actually spot Liv Bentley…no we weren’t hanging out with her.




The Mahiki tent brought a tropical atmosphere right here to the UK and I loved it! Surrounded by little palm trees, umbrellas and fairy lights, it was such a nice vibe, especially in the sunny weather!

Inside the tent there was great music being played all afternoon and so we essentially spent the entire day drinking and dancing in the sun, what more could you want?




Overall, I had such a great time at Henley, and that’s why I wanted to write about it. It’s not often that I get the chance to dress up so I love it when I can, and this was generally just a really nice event! If you’re a rowing fan, or if you’re simply a fan of getting dressed up and going for drinks then I definitely recommend you go to the regatta at some point, whether you get a glimpse of the river or not, I’m sure you’ll love it!