Say oui to the graphic tee

I must confess, I used to be quite anti-graphic t-shirts. I think it’s because they reminded me of my younger days and all of those horribly cringey tops that said ‘live, laugh, love‘ on the front of them *shudder*. So for a while, I pretty much refused to buy anything with writing on the front for fear of reverting back to my 2012 days. But as usual, it appears my fashion foe has become my fashion friend, and I’m back on the bandwagon again. I’m not sure if I bought this top just because I liked it, or because I’m missing France a little too much, but regardless of the reason, it ended up in my basket. It’s been a little while since I shared an #ootd with you all so why not come back with an old friend? A friendship rekindled in the Topshop sale rail…


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I would probably say that the Topshop sale is my favourite sale in any shop ever. I have found so many gems on that rail that I can’t even count! Plus, it’s not one of those sales that makes me so stressed that I would rather run out of the shop than go anywhere near the rail that’s hidden underneath what can only be described as a clothes explosion. As far as sales go, Topshop’s are pretty calm.

So I was sifting through their rails and I came across this cute oversized t-shirt and just instantly loved it! Like I said, I’m still a bit tentative when it comes to tops like this one, but I just really liked the writing and the colour combination. I also loved the shape of it and instantly imagined it with light blue jeans and trainers for a casual look.




However, as we are technically in summer now, I thought I would style it up for warmer weather. I have actually banned myself from buying any more polka dot items since purchasing these shorts because if I’m not careful my entire wardrobe will be made up of it. I don’t know why but I’m just drawn towards anything with dots on and it’s becoming a bit of an issue. So I’m on hold for now (emphasis on the ‘for now’).

I love the style of these shorts and find them not only more interesting than the classic denim short, but also infinitely more comfortable on a hot day! The frill at the bottom makes them look so feminine and I love the way this style contrasts with the more boyish cut of the t-shirt. I chose to tuck the top in but I think it also looks cool untucked if you want a boxier look.




I accessorised with my beautiful gold chain link bag, also from Topshop, and some simple gold hoops. I feel like the bag is the main accessory here so I kept the earrings quite subtle.

I finished off the look with some classic cat eye sunglasses and my Calvin Klein trainers (which are becoming less white by the day). This is my perfect casual summer look, that’s also nice enough to go out in. Comfort is key in hot weather so I’m all about baggy clothes, but baggy definitely doesn’t mean you can’t look put together at the same time! I’d happily wear this out for the day or to a pub / beer garden and feel relaxed and well presented at the same time!




I got the shorts and the top for less than £20 which is pretty great if you ask me, AND if you didn’t already know, Topshop always give student discount on top of the sale, so don’t forget to ask! I have finally started taking baby steps back into this trend and I’m happy to embrace it again, as long as I don’t get as carried away as I did the first time. But for now, I’m definitely saying oui, to the graphic tee.


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What do you think of the graphic t-shirt trend? Let me know in the comments!