Leopard Loving

To be honest, I think my addiction to Primark is completely justified. Every time I enter those bright blue doors, I find something that I love for an absolute bargain. That’s why it has become my happy place.

Recently I have been loving satin midi skirts. I think they’re such a great addition to your wardrobe that, when paired with the right pieces, can be worn winter through to summer! One of my other favourite trends is animal print. Snake, tiger, leopard, crocodile, you name it, I love it. So when my beloved Primark combined two of my favourite trends: leopard print and satin skirts, there was no way I could leave without putting it in my basket.

This skirt really intrigued me, because although it was a leopard print, the fabric itself has a sort of snakeskin texture to it. It sounds really strange and quite frankly, pretty ugly when I describe it, but I actually really like this combination, and hopefully you’ll agree from the photos! I like to play around with different textures and I think this adds a bit of depth to the piece.




At just £10, once again, this skirt really was a bargain. The only thing I would personally change about it is that it doesn’t have a side zip. This means that I purchased it in a size 4 so that it would fit my waist, but the elastic isn’t very stretchy so it is very difficult to actually get it on in the first place! Nevertheless, once on, I love the way this skirt looks.


Skirt: Primark


I paired it with this size XL oversized cardigan, also from Primark. I usually wear it open with a white t-shirt, but I also love the way it looks when buttoned up and off the shoulder. I also added this black bag with snake print panels, a bit of a fashion crime I know, but I quite like a clashing print every now and then.


Cardigan: Primark


Big biker boots really are the shoes of the season. They are such a great shoe to throw on with any outfit and I love how they contrast with the feminine style of the skirt! I personally didn’t want to splash out on a pair of Doc Martens that have a tendency to rub your feet so much that you lose the ability to walk, so I bought these black boots from New Look last summer (for a fraction of the price of course!)


Shoes: New Look


I kept all of my accessories black so as not to complicate the look too much. When I wear animal print, I like to keep the rest of the outfit pretty basic so I don’t over do it. Nobody likes a show off darling.

I wore my trusty black belt because to be honest, without it I felt like there was something missing, and in general, I just prefer to wear belts with things to cinch in the waist a bit!


Belt: Primark


Everything I’m wearing in this photos, except for the shoes, is from Primark! I often put looks together and realise afterwards that everything I chose is from there and the realisation thrills the cheapskate within me.

I think this skirt is a really elegant piece that can easily be styled up or down so despite the bold print, you can still get lots of wear out of it. Primark is already firmly established as one of my favourite clothing shops, but it just keeps on giving me more reasons to love it! I wonder how much of their annual revenue I will be personally responsible for in 2019?

Have you recently picked up any bargains in Primark? I’d love to know in the comments below!


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