Daytime styling: the satin dress

After purchasing this gorgeous satin dress in the Topshop sale last summer, I couldn’t believe my luck. For just £15 I had the perfect party dress for my friend’s swanky 21st birthday party that was coming up. In some ways, finding my outfit for the night was actually suspiciously easy.

The first time I wore it, I styled it up with heels, glitzy accessories, and of course, a glass of wine permanently in hand. It made for the perfect party dress!




However, when the night was over, I wondered if the gown was simply destined to join my prom dress, gathering dust in our top room. For a long time, I never knew how to style it without feeling crazily overdressed. Plus, the idea of people staring at me in the street because of it actually made me want to self combust. But with the growth of my blog has come a wonderful growth in my confidence, and I decided that this dress was in desperate need of some fresh air and a bit of vitamin D (although this is actually quite hard to find at the moment).

You’d be amazed at the wonders that either a baggy jumper or a plain white top can do when it comes to making outfits more casual. I have been seeing satin dresses and skirts everywhere in recent months so I was inspired to style my own for a daytime look!


Dress: Topshop


This plain white, long sleeved top is a staple item that I have literally had in my wardrobe for years. The second I put it on underneath this dress and added the belt, it felt infinitely more casual and comfortable for daytime.


Coat: Misspap


Despite the dress now looking great for casual wear, I simply can’t ignore the winter temperatures. So of course I paired it with one of my all time favourite faux fur coats. I think the grey and the blue actually go together beautifully and combined with the silky dress and ribbed top, I love the build up of different textures it brings to this outfit!


Shoes: Topshop


Another way to keep an outfit like this more casual is to add some chunky trainers. I bought these grey and white, snakeskin ones from Topshop at the start of January and I actually haven’t stopped wearing them since. They emulate the look of high end shoes from brands like Balenciaga but of course, are only the tiniest fraction of the price! I love the way they look with white ankle socks.

The greys and whites of the shoes are picked out by the grey and white of my top and coat so the colours of the outfit flow perfectly from head to toe!


Earrings: Topshop


As you will know from my post on statement earrings, no outfit is complete in my eyes now without some ear embellishment. So I added my favourite Topshop earrings to finish off this look. Their orangey/yellow tone stands out nicely against the cool colours in this outfit, adding an extra pop of colour!

Overall, I am so pleased that I have managed to find a way to style this outfit down because I really am obsessed with this dress! I am definitely going to be wearing it like this more in the future, because to be honest, my social life just isn’t glitzy enough for me to get dressed up all the time.

Have you managed to free some items from your wardrobe that never see the light of day recently? I’d love to know in the comments!