The Tartan Skirt: One Year On

Don’t you just love it when you find an old item in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in ages and realise that it has actually come back in fashion? Funnily enough, as an unashamed clothes hoarder, this happens to me quite a lot. I always knew there was a good reason for that cluttered little draw at the back of my wardrobe.

One of my most recent finds from my personal stock-room is this H&M tartan skirt. Being half Scottish, I suppose I sort of owe it to my heritage to own at least one item of tartan clothing, and this pretty little skirt was right up my street.

When I initially bought it, it sort of ended up as one of those items that I liked but ended up never really wearing, but as always, I was too attached to get rid. Lo and behold, for an entire year, it somehow escaped my mum and the fate of the dreaded charity bag, becoming one of my favourite items all over again. I have seen so many bloggers on Instagram styling similar skirts so I wanted to share my own look with you!


Skirt & Beret: H&M

So if you weren’t already aware, I am currently living and studying in France. So of course, the beret is compulsory. It’s just as well that it looks so good.

I think the combination of the beret and heels adds a sophisticated touch to the outfit, along with these beauuuutiful Topshop earrings that I added to my collection this Christmas. (If you want a closer look then check out my post on statement earrings!) I particularly love these with the outfit as they add a little pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome look.


Jumper: Bershka


The jumper I am wearing with this skirt is just a plain black jumper I got from Bershka. What I love about it is how versatile it is. This jumper is actually long enough to wear as a jumper dress with or without a belt, but also can be tucked into skirts and jeans when I want a different look!

I like wearing this long jumper with the skirt because underneath, it is actually almost as long as the skirt itself. This means that especially on a windy day, I feel that little bit more secure and comfortable knowing that a gust of wind won’t accidentally get me arrested for indecent exposure…


Heels: New Look

Unfortunately it is way too cold to go out into the outside world in this outfit for now (hence the indoor photos), but I still think it’s perfect for going for drinks or a meal and it would look great when paired with a thick coat.

In general I just feel really good in this outfit and I think the pleated skirt when paired with heels accentuates the length of your legs nicely! Sadly, as it was so long ago, I can’t remember how much this skirt cost me, but I can assure you that as a broke student with an aversion to over-spending, it probably wasn’t much. I also can’t find it on the website anymore but have found some similar ones on PLT and Lasula Boutique!

I think a tartan skirt in black and white can be such a staple piece in your wardrobe as it goes with so many different things and, as this post demonstrates, it is such an enduring trend!

Have you found anything in the back of your wardrobe recently that has come back in fashion? I’d love to know in the comments!