Statement earrings

If there’s one thing I can’t get enough of at the moment, it’s big, colourful earrings. With this funky trend growing steadily over the past few months, it’s fair to say that high street shops have seriously upped their jewellery game, and I am very happy about it.

After going through a young teenage phase of wanting loads of piercings in my ears (and my mum thankfully making me stop at just a few in each), my lobes had become fairly redundant in recent years. However, with the stylish and affordable range of jewellery that is now available, I have well and truly rediscovered my love for ear embellishment. So I wanted to make this post to share some of my favourites from my ever-growing collection!



My ongoing love affair with Primark has now extended to jewellery. In recent years and particularly the last few months, they have upped their game massively! Gone are the days of those huge, tacky pearl necklaces that we all wore in year 7. Now we have a huge variety of statement earrings that give the more expensive high street shops a run for their money.

At just €4, there was no way I could leave these elegant emerald beauties on the shelf. I love the different shades of green in these and they are accentuated beautifully when paired with this scarf as a headband.



I am wearing a lot of nude shades at the moment and these faux amber resin earrings from New Look compliment the colour so well. With their long, pyramid shape they make a statement when wearing more neutral outfits. I particularly like wearing them with my hair in a low bun so that they really stand out.



Tortoise shell earrings are a staple piece in my jewellery collection. I have a few pairs and these studs from New Look are some of my favourites. I think these earrings add a sophisticated touch to any outfit, and look particularly good when matched with other tortoise shell accessories.



These multicoloured marvels were given to me as a Christmas present from my siblings. I love the combination of the colours and I think that once again they compliment the shades in this scarf which I also love wearing as a headband!



These earrings from New Look are perfect for a dressier occasion. When paired with a classy outfit they really finish off the look and also appear much more expensive than they actually were! I also love wearing them for ‘inbetweeny’ occasions, aka the dreaded smart-casual dress code. In these situations I always prefer to wear a more casual outfit and then dress it up with accessories like these earrings because I think it strikes the perfect balance.



These earrings were also given to my by my siblings and I love them just as much as the others! The blue and green tones look great and I actually really like their somewhat unusual shape, making them a bit more interesting than the traditional hoop earring.



Last but not least, these Topshop earrings were another Christmas present (are you noticing a theme here?) however this time they were from my parents.  I was unsure how to style them at first as I don’t wear much yellow. However since then I have managed to incorporate them into lots of outfits, and despite them being long they don’t feel too ‘in your face’, the perfect balance between bright and elegant.


Believe it or not, this only scratches the surface of my earring collection, but I just wanted to share some of my favourites with you. As someone who doesn’t like spending lots of money on jewellery, I can confirm that all of these pieces are from high street shops and were very affordable! It seems that with all these gorgeous options available, I have no choice but to keep adding to my collection…