I never thought in my wildest dreams that neon would come back around. For me, it represents the luminous tights, bright green tutu’s and nerd glasses phase of my life which quite frankly, still gives me nightmares to this day. How can something that was so tragic (I still can’t believe my parents actually let me leave the house like that by the way) resurface so triumphantly?

This time around, neon has found it’s true place in the fashion industry, in a much less extravagant manner than before…needless to say, nobody is reaching for the mesh tutu’s any time soon. Using neon for a pop of colour means that you can incorporate it easily into your daily style, rather than looking like a unicorn threw up all over you.

The neon trend has been all over Instagram, styled in so many different ways, and that’s how I have slowly but surely, rediscovered my love for luminosity.

I took my first tentative steps back into the world of neon with this bikini from PLT

2018-11-28 10:03:45.596.JPG

I was skeptical as to whether the colour would look right on my pale (almost transparent) skin tone but I actually loved the way it looked! I got so many compliments on the colour so this gave me the confidence to delve further into the trend.

I managed to bag another neon bargain the other day I’ve been so excited to share one of my new favourite looks with you!

Primark always does this really strange and amazing thing where it actually listens out for my clothing prayers and responds to them by delivering the EXACT item I’m looking for. This miracle has happened a few times and my most recent one came in the form of a neon knit.

Neon knit: Primark

At just €8, yes you read that right, 8 EUROS, this beaut neon knitted jumper is an absolute steal. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger, but as soon as I saw it I had an outfit in my mind and knew that it could look great when styled up.

Straight cut jeans: Primark

When wearing neon I find that it’s best to pair it with dark colours so that it really stands out and makes the colour pop. I am loving baggier jeans at the moment and I thought that these straight legged ones from Primark looked really cool when paired with the tight roll neck. Finished off with black boots, I really liked the way they looked against the distressed hem of the jeans.

Checked blazer: Primark

Of course, I can’t forget about this amazing blazer: ANOTHER Primark bargain at just €18. I love wearing it off the shoulder because I like a looser, more oversized fit and I think the greys compliment the neon perfectly!

Sunglasses: Primark

I kept my accessories fairly minimalist, with cat eye sunglasses, a simple black belt and bumbag- both of which have gold detailing. The bumbag added a different edge to the outfit compared to a handbag and I was so pleased with how it looked all together. With my hair scraped back in a high pony tail I felt even slicker.

Shoes and bumbag: New Look

Everything in this outfit, besides the shoes and the bumbag, was from Primark! However the shoes and bag were still very reasonably priced items from New Look. I am honestly so happy with how this outfit turned out and I wanted to show that you can still put together stylish looks without the high price tag to match!

I have now fallen head first into a love affair with neon and can’t wait to get my hands on more items. But you won’t see me in any bright blue tights or a pink tutu this time around, I promise.

Have you found any amazing bargains recently? Let me know in the comments!

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