Burberry on a budget

Being a lowly student and a self-confessed bargain lover, it’s clear that designer brands and I don’t exactly have the strongest relationship. In other words, I am basically a designer shopping virgin. Of course, it would be great to be able to afford high-end items on the regular like the Instagram fashionistas of today, but regular reality checks (in the form of monthly bank statements) remind me that my feet are rested firmly on the ground for now…

Besides, designer brands are good and all that, but nothing compares to the feeling of landing an absolute beaut of a bargain AND getting complimented every time you wear said bargain. That’s real satisfaction.

So in light of my pro-primark attitude, I often opt for dupes so that I can emulate a certain look for a fraction of the price. I wanted to write a post about one of my particular favourites from this autumn/winter, because who doesn’t love a bit of Burberry print?


Jacket from Boohoo

I first saw this jacket on Sarah Jo Holder’s Instagram – if you haven’t checked her profile out then you can here – I love her style and she always inspires my shopping list (aka my Wishlist because I can’t actually afford to buy all the clothes I really want). When I saw this jacket however, I simply couldn’t resist.

So obviously the quality won’t be on par with the designer, but for someone like me who loves the Burberry-esque pattern, it’s perfectly fine. Besides, I don’t see myself doing any high-octane activities whilst wearing this jacket any time soon.

At just £21 from Boohoo, this jacket really was a steal, and it is perfect mid-season attire. Here in Toulouse we are still having some really mild days so this jacket is still getting regular outings from my wardrobe!


I wanted to share two of the looks I wore with this jacket in this post…






Ever since I got these cord trousers from Zara I have been obsessed! Comfy, warm and chic, you really can’t go wrong with these. I like to have an alternative to jeans and these are great because they can be dressed up or down!




Sunglasses indoors? Criminal.

I kept this outfit simple with black and whites that complimented the monochrome tones in the jacket. I also felt like the bumbag finished off this look, keeping it a more casual vibe.

Jacket- Boohoo

Trousers- Zara

Bodysuit- Missguided

Shoes- Primark

Sunglasses- Primark

Bumbag- New Look






Did you know that it’s actually compulsory to wear a beret when you’re in France?

I was feeling pretty hungover this day (hence the face covering) so it was all about baggy jumpers and comfy socks. I don’t generally like wearing tights but I am starting to accept the fact that it’s just a little bit too cold to get my milk bottles out anymore.

So to break up this all black look, I added my beaut new jacket and voilà. I feel like this jacket really stood out against the all black and looked classy when combined with the beret.



I wore it off the shoulder because, let’s be honest, who even wears jackets normally anymore? I loved the way it looked and I actually felt really sophisticated in it, definitely one of my favourite recent looks!

Jacket- Boohoo

Jumper- Bershka

Belt- Primark

Shoes- New Look

Beret- H&M


I’m sure that I will wear this jacket many more times so if you want to see how I style it in future then you can check out my Instagram here !

I hope you liked reading this post, have any of you grabbed a great bargain lately? Let me know in the comments down below!