Home Bedroom Tour

Like many other girls that grew up in the early 2000s, I suffered during the aftermath of my cutesy ‘floral phase’. It dawned on me as I got older that I may have been slightly too dedicated to my theme, tailoring every single part of my bedroom to feature some kind of flower, heart or brightly coloured bird. Worst of all, in my younger years, I managed to litter my bedroom with those three dreaded words…’Live, Laugh, Love’. Cringe.

All jokes aside, (and so as not to offend my mum when she reads this) my bedroom was actually lovely at the time, and it wasn’t that bad even as I got older. But after year of gazing at the floral wallpaper, and most tragically, sleeping in a single bed, I thought that it was in need of a lick of paint. I am absolutely in love with the results so I wanted to share it with you!


I thought I’d start this post by talking about my favourite thing about any room…my beloved bed. After sleeping in a single bed for my whole life at home, finally being upgraded to a double felt amazing. This IKEA bed is so cute and affordable at just over the £80 mark! I opted for plain white duvet covers matched with grey and pink accessories that complimented the wall colour.

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Lights: www.festive-lights.com

My absolute favourite part about this area are the curtain lights on the back wall. These were recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad I purchased them because they look gorgeous at night time. They are plug-in so they provide a lot of light and they just generally give my bedroom such a cosy feel. I would definitely recommend these lights for anyone who wants to liven up their bedroom!



As soon as I decided to redecorate my bedroom I knew what kind of wardrobe I was after, and IKEA has a huge range of customisable ones to choose from. My favourite part about my wardrobe is that it lights up when you open the doors (easily pleased I know), I just feel like this adds an extra glamorous touch!

Wardrobe: IKEA


Vanity cabinet

Sticking with the all-white furniture theme, I thought this simple desk would go perfectly in my bedroom. It has one long drawer which is perfect for storing your makeup and jewellery!

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Desk: IKEA


Most of the accessories on my desk are ones that I have brought home from my university bedroom as I am still a litttttttle bit obsessed with rose gold. I love having an aloe vera plant in my bedroom because not only does it look cute, it also has air-purifying abilities! Being low maintenance, this plant is perfect to keep in your bedroom.

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Light up mirror: Boots




As usual, no bedroom is complete without an assortment of accessories! I am obsessed with orchids and I thought this would look so cute on my bedside table. This time I decided to buy a fake one to keep it looking pretty all year round.

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Alarm clock: Laura Ashley


I wanted to liven up the plain wall next to my bed so I simply bought an assortment of photo frames and filled them with different postcards/greetings cards. Simple but effective!

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Frames: IKEA


I actually stumbled across this lamp shade when I was walking through B&Q and I fell in love. I feel like this is one of those things that looks much more expensive than it is and it makes the light glisten in such a pretty way.

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Lamp shade: B&Q


So there is a little insight into my new bedroom! I took a lot of inspiration from Instagram and other bloggers and I really love how it has turned out. Hopefully this post will give some inspiration to others out there that are looking to redecorate!