A Trip to Anglesey

Hallelujah, praise the Lord, my exams are finally over!

Since the latter half of April to the start of June, my life had been pretty boring: consumed by endless revision cards, textbooks and colour-coded notes. So you can imagine my ridiculous excitement when the first of June came along and end of term celebrations began!

Amongst parties, events and even a university festival, one of the celebrations that I was most looking forward to was the trip to Anglesey in Wales that had been planned with my three best friends. Staying in my friend’s grandfather’s cottage that was literally a minutes walk from the beach front, the trip was a perfect little getaway to end our year together! So, I wanted to share some of the things we got up to in sunny Wales…

Day 1

After completing the three hour drive from Birmingham, we arrived in Anglesey to an adorable cottage and a surprisingly sunny evening.






Naturally, after the grand tour of the cottage we headed straight for the beach, walking along the seafront to get to the town. It was quite late by this point so we decided to get a takeaway and eat it on the beach…perfect timing to watch the sun set.





Day 2

Beach dayyyyyyyyyy!

We took this day as an opportunity to catch up on some well-needed vitamin D. The beach was so calm and warm, it definitely didn’t feel like we were still in the UK, who knew Wales could be so sunny?




Of course, we played the classic beach games…but it’s safe to say that our technique needed some improvement. After lounging in the sun we nipped into town to get supplies for a BBQ on the beach to end the day.



2018-06-04 20:14:23.829

(No BBQ is complete without prosecco of course)


Day 3

Apparently the only amateur of the group, today was the day that I learnt how to go crabbing. We took a trip to Beaumoris town and my friends showed me the ropes (quite literally).





After catching six crabs (Morris, Doris, Horis, Boris, Norris & Barney), I tried to pick one up. My goal for the day had been to 1) hold a crab and 2) not be scared whist doing so. As you can see from the photos, part one was fulfilled…part two not quite so much.





After releasing our new babies back into the sea, we had a little explore of this beautiful little town before heading back to the cottage.





2018-06-05 16:44:02.961


Day 4

For our final day we began by going for a quick run around the lake. This is actually very unlike me, but firstly, I didn’t want to look like the only couch potato, and secondly, I did actually want to see the route as it seemed so pretty.




Then after some lunch we headed back to the beach for our final day of tanning (burning).





For our final goodbye to sunny Wales, we celebrated with a pitcher of Pimms at the beachside bar.





So that was my trip to Anglesey! I honestly had the best time ever and it was the best way to round off second year. Wales certainly defied my expectations of the gloomy British seaside, and I strongly recommend it to anyone holidaying in the UK!