Love Island Marriage: Have Reality TV Stars Gone too Far?


Love Island contestants Jess and Dom tied the knot live on television and yes, it was just as cringe-worthy as it sounds…

Jess and Dom get married live on GMB

With the ever-increasing popularity of reality TV shows, it feels as if the industry is churning out new ‘stars’ by the hour. Our social media is littered with former television contestants, with seemingly anyone who has spent five minutes in front of a camera being granted that prestigious blue tick. Despite not watching much reality television, I must admit that like many others, when summer comes around, I become shamelessly addicted to Love Island. With seven weeks of drama, dating and awkward moments, the nation gets bitten by the reality TV bug and becomes captivated by the contestants’ lives in the Love Island villa. However, once they are let loose into the outside world, it’s an entirely different story.

With the majority of former TV personalities practically becoming walking, talking advertisements, we often cringe at their social media activity. However, it’s safe to say that one couple has taken the crown for being the most fame-hungry contestants there are…

We thought we had seen it all when former Love Islanders Jessica Shears and Dominic Lever announced their engagement after just three months, got matching tattoos and even did a meet and greet at a local kebab shop. However, this Valentine’s day, the nation groaned in unison as they watched the bikini-clad couple get married live on breakfast television.

With the average Love Island relationship lasting less than a year, it seems Jess and Dom felt they had something to prove when confessing their love on Good Morning Britain. The stripped-down pair recited their Love Island themed vows with Jessica saying ‘I Jessica Shears, take you Dominic lever, to be my husband. I will not pie you off, even if muggy mike comes along’. With the couple often being criticised for clinging on to their TV fame, the nation was once again left cringing at what appeared to be yet another desperate attempt to remain relevant.

The stunt certainly made an impact, leaving twitter users in a frenzy, did they really just witness what they think they did?

tweet 1

tweet 2

Even former contestants of the show were throwing shade at the couple.

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Hitting back at the wave of comments, the pair confirmed that the ceremony was in fact not real and criticised the public for taking it too seriously. However, genuine or not, the cringe-factor of the whole charade cannot be denied.

With stunts such as these, we are often left wondering what lengths people will go to in order to uphold their fifteen minutes of fame. Have reality TV offspring gone too far in their quest for stardom? Will these antics only become progressively more ridiculous as time goes on? Jess and Dom are said to be eagerly anticipating their real wedding in October, which we can certainly expect to see splashed on the front cover of a well-known gossip magazine. However, as the couple continue to insist on the authenticity of their relationship, only time will tell how their television love story really plays out.


Published online for Redbrick Newspaper 01/03/2018