My Current Obsession: Faux Fur

As you can see from the title, this post is all about my current infatuation with my faux fur coat. After lusting after one for what felt like a lifetime, I struggled more than I had anticipated to find a coat that was both the style I desired, and that wouldn’t send me plunging into my overdraft.

Finally, after trawling the internet, I found this gem on MissPap and instantly fell in love.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 14.14.32

Reduced from £60 down to £54, although it still felt like a lot of money to a lowly student like myself, this coat was certainly one of the cheaper ones that I had found. I don’t often like to spend lots on one item however I think for a beautiful coat that I know I am going to wear all the time, it was good value for money. Perhaps you could call it an investment.

I find this coat very versatile and I wanted to share two of my favourite ways in which I style it: one for a more dressy look and another for a causal daytime vibe…


Look Number One



I fell in love with this little red bag the moment I saw it, affordable and chic, it adds a classy touch to any simple outfit. The boots were inspired by a close friend who had worn them on a day trip to Paris and raved about how comfy they are for all-day wear.

After purchasing the bag I immediately pictured my desired look and so I knew I simply needed to get the shoes to match. Dressy yet comfortable, I have had endless compliments on them from friends and family!



I adore this look and always feel great when I wear it. The bold red accessories go perfectly with the light grey colour of the coat, and add a vibrant touch to any simple outfit. Moreover, they are still relatively affordable even if you’re working with a student budget, what more could you want?

Bag- H&M £17.99 (reduced to £10.99)

Boots- New Look £27.99


Look Number Two



After lugging my books around uni in a shoulder bag for the entirety of first year, I decided it was time to purchase a rucksack before I ended up suffering permanent back problems. Fortunately for me, there was a student sale on at Zara so I was able to buy this simple, yet stylish bag at a reduced price!

The vans had been on my Christmas list for a long time and since getting them I have been obsessed. They look great with pretty much any outfit, adding a quirky vibe.



This outfit is both relaxed and cool with the accessories making the statement coat more casual and suitable for day-to-day wear. I find the Vans to be very comfortable and the rucksack is both strong and spacious, with enough room for everything I need to take to campus- including my laptop and books. As branded shoes, Vans are slightly more expensive however I wouldn’t say they break the bank. If you would prefer not to spend more on shoes, I would definitely recommend asking for them as a birthday or Christmas gift!

Bag- Zara £16

Shoes- Vans £50


Without a doubt, this coat is currently my favourite item in my wardrobe and I love wearing it as a statement piece. The only criticism I have is that the lining has ripped along the seam in two different places. I would say that this is disappointing considering the price of the coat however I am going to attempt to sew it up and it obviously hasn’t affected the way that it looks so overall it’s a minor issue.

The coat is available in five different colours, so there’s a different style to please everyone. I have had an abundance of compliments whenever I have worn it and even better, it keeps me super cosy and warm in the dismal winter weather- 10/10 would recommend!